more about a dress
2004-08-11 06:24:55 ET

I have pictures! This is the swing skirt. It's not entirely finished but you can see what it's going to look like.

Last night while sewing Dave was working on a mask for Halloween and Another friend of ours, who makes films, sat watching an older very strange Italian movie. I paused a moment admist my sewing and wondered if at that present moment With all of us in the house consumed with our own projects, was this some sort of nonsexual artistic threesome?

2004-08-11 07:41:12 ET

The skirt looks great although I don't like orange. Teheheh. The film sounds interesting as well...I think I'd like to see that! ^_^

2004-08-11 07:46:08 ET

*L* Rivetangel and I have nonsexual artistic twosomes all the time then ^_^.

What's the theme on the halloween mask?

I like the dress, goes well with the plaid pants *impish grin* seriously though, very eye catching.

2004-08-11 13:09:02 ET

Very Nice I'm glad that you're keeping busy, we suffer together ; )

I spent last night at a sewing machine, I went through 3 spools of thread!!!

And we are only 60% done.

2004-08-11 20:58:28 ET

Angel: Yeah, Although the material dyed nicely, I am not a huge fan of the orange and white. I think the skirt looks kinda cheerleaderish

Kage: I spend lots of time Just Dave and I, It just seemed a little weird adding a third to our play times. Oh and the Mask is Jack Skellington. We a re going to be Jack and Sally..

Alice: Next time buy serger spools. They have lots more thread on a spool and the thread is usually stronger than the smaller thread spools. By the way, where did you get this machine?

2004-08-11 21:43:05 ET

It is a Brother from Walmart

spent $80. The thing is a beast. I've oiled it twice after if froze up on me.

2004-08-12 07:33:45 ET

I am impressed. Brothers are popular machines.

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