2004-08-27 09:26:13 ET

I should have never tried to design and construct a wedding dress in only one month. The dress, much to my relief, is done.
Tonight's celebration will include the bottle of champane brought back from my sister's wedding and some red hair dye. There weill be much rejoicing.

2004-08-27 09:37:47 ET

congrats. how was the wedding?

2004-08-27 09:43:16 ET

My sister's wedding was beautiful.The day was threatening rain, I sunk into the sand wearing my I wish I were a stripper clear heels, and Just about nothing went wrong. There will be an update at some point that reveals pics of me in a pink dress.

2004-08-27 09:58:44 ET

That sounds so lovely!! Can't wait to see pictures.

2004-08-27 10:37:32 ET

and there was much rejoicing"yay"*banners waving*

2004-08-27 16:39:14 ET

Wooohoooooo! Are you glad it's all done now? And yay for a yummy new hair color! ^_^ happy happy joy joy.

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