sombody else's photos.
2004-09-02 21:46:09 ET

Here are the promised pictures.

Me, in THE *gasp* PINK dress.

We painted Dave's nails for the wedding.

Dye time... It looks like I dipped my hair in Blood

Not too happy with this color,

This is the happy color

We can't forget the happy Bride

Or her lovely swing skirt

So ends the brief slide show.. *thunderous applause*

2004-09-02 22:55:26 ET

I like the new color. Too bad it can't look like blood all the time. Am I the only one who likes that? ;P

2004-09-03 05:12:48 ET


2004-09-03 06:25:25 ET


2004-09-03 06:27:19 ET

Analog: I thought the hair dipped in blood looked cool, that's why I added it.

Thanks syb and autumn

2004-09-03 06:50:31 ET

LOL now you and 'angel are both redheads!
Course, hers isn't as fire-engine as yours is now..

The dress turned out great.

2004-09-03 06:56:20 ET

Didn't she use to have bright red hair at one point?

I have a small video clip of the groom tearing off her overskirt. I wish i could post it or had some place to put it where I link to it. Any suggestions?

2004-09-03 06:57:27 ET

I'll PM you my e-mail, you e-mail me the video, I'll send you the HTML to put it online in a post =)

2004-09-03 07:03:01 ET

thanks! :)

2004-09-03 07:51:15 ET

Yes, I did have fire engine red hair just like that, Xai!!! I still have a bottle in my bathroom--I'm just waiting for Kage to dare me! lol.

It's alllll soo freakin' gorgeous!!!!! Did the bride not looooove her dress?

2004-09-03 07:53:58 ET

I think she was happy. The whole thing was such a run around at the end and the overskirt ended up being a bit big.... On the whole I hope she was happy. It looks good in the pictures.

2004-09-03 07:55:43 ET

It looks very nice in the pictures. I hope she was happy with it.

2004-09-03 07:58:54 ET

Are we still making yours?

2004-09-03 08:00:16 ET

Yes. I would love for you to make my dress. We have until next summer but it would probably be a good idea to start on it this fall, hmm? Arne has already given me his approval so I guess the next step is to go shopping for material which I should have money for in November. Yay!

2004-09-03 08:02:41 ET

We should take a trip to LA for the material. We can getstuff that is so much better in the garment district than at any chain fabric store I have been to yet.

2004-09-03 08:03:32 ET

Sounds like a road trip *chuckle*

2004-09-03 08:03:42 ET

oooh...garment district trip! i wanna can find the best fabrics there...

2004-09-03 08:05:49 ET

A trip to LA sounds fun, Xai! Happy happy joy joy! My dress is gonna look damn good on me!

2004-09-03 09:16:21 ET

That's my goal.

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