2004-09-08 06:10:48 ET

School is once again in full swing. Not only am I taking four classes. I am on the design team for two shows and I have some hours to make up from a class last semester. This all happens when I am not working at one of my three jobs or trying to have spend some meaningful time with the man I love. My friend Sophie once told me that my superhuman ability was to do seven more things in a day than any normal person could ever do. I am begining to believe her.
I, however, am seeing things about myself that I apear not to be capable of.
I cannot seem to get my room clean. I can't seem to take with me, everything I need for the destination. Organization is an unattainable art. What's worse is that when I begin to stress I start daydreaming as a means of escape. So not only can I not keep on top of it all, I can't pay attention to what I have in front of me due to the fact I am lost in some other world.
Is this why nothing ever finishes without some struggle or disaster or semblance of ease?

2004-09-08 06:27:12 ET

As rivetangel can attest, you're not alone in your lack of organization. If it weren't for her, I can't immagine the mess I'd be in ;) Thank goodness for highly organized Gemini's.

2004-09-08 06:33:09 ET

Growing up it was my sister who tried to teach me the ways of order. *sigh* I can remember formulas for voltage and dB outputs but i cannot grasp putting things back after I used them.

2004-09-08 06:45:02 ET

So many artists are disorganized messes- I think it comes with the territory.

2004-09-13 08:09:01 ET

2004-09-13 08:09:21 ET

"you do too much... you're not superman you know."

2004-09-13 08:12:51 ET

Thanks aunt mae

2004-09-13 09:50:54 ET

naked cowboy

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