Not working
2004-09-15 21:48:05 ET

My schedule has been deadly. The pace I am moving at has only left me in depression. I try to do too much, I know this. How does one draw a line? Where is the light that blings on when you have reached your maximum scheduling compacity? If there is one I always miss it and don't realize it's on till I have three things too many on my plate.
So I have been praying about not working this semester. I asked God to make a way for me to have less demands. I asked him to make it possible for me not to work.

I think I have recieved my answer.
The money I have recieved just yesterday in the form of a loan check from finacial aid is a little more than I need to live on for the next few months... I even have more money than what I technically need.

School is the priority, I will not cut down on classes. I have already committed myself to the two plays and, not that I can even back out now, I will see them through.
My last Day with the painting business is going to be friday. My boss doesn't know It yet.

I hesitate, however, at the word LOAN. This isn't free money, I have to pay every single cent back plus intrest. I hate debt. The debt I am currently in with credit cards and parents will be settled before the end of the year. School loans, much to my dismay, are going to be huge.

I have consulted two sources who know me well. My Mother and my Love. Both Agree that me taking this semester off will be good for me.

So with a deep breathe and a prayer of thanks to God, I am going to be purposely jobless for the first time since I was 16.

2004-09-16 16:18:28 ET

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. Well, as of November you can start working on my dress. You'll be well paid, of course cuz I know you're a damn good seamstress. ^_^

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