And it opens tomarrow.
2004-09-23 10:57:42 ET

So how come I quite working and find myself having even less time to spare?

The play I am designing sound opens tomarrow. I am going to be happy that it's completed and I can let it do it's run. This was my first accual sound design. I am use to light where I look at a play and try to see it in colors. I have done costumes designs, and set designs. Both are still very visual as well. This is the first time I have tried to create a world using the auditory sence. I have had lots of fun with it. It has been stressful at times and there have been moments I was sure it would all be better if it wasn't blue grass music. I am not the director, I did not choose the genre. The play is called "A Lie Of The Mind" It is one of Sam Shepard's lesser known plays, but it is an emotional drama that talks about the resaults of abuse and disfuntion. (yes all played neatly out to the tune of blue grass)

Once I finish I direct my thoughts towad the next production. A musical called "brownstone" This little sondhiemish show takes place on an apartment building and deals with city life. I am stepping back into familar ground for with this one I am Assistiant lighting.

Well, got to study for a test...

2004-09-23 11:00:52 ET

Awesome!!! You rock!

2004-09-23 11:07:33 ET

Wow, That sounds awesome =)

I don't think anyone ever thinks they have enough time to spare ;)

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