take one four times daily
2004-10-01 11:18:09 ET

So because nothing seems to fix my depression, I went to see a doctor today. he says I may have a hormonal imbalance. It's different than a chemical one cause all I may need is some extra vitamins and a slight adjustment to my current diet. yeah, so apparently I am not only lactose intollerent, I may be wheat intollerent as well. Goodbye food. they took a bunch of blood and I will know wednesday if it's something more like my thyroid or some other amuno-sorta-thingy. He thinks a couple months of birth control fading into a hormone/amino acid building, vitamin regimin will take care of my horrendous pain, migraines and depression. Until then he has me on a holistic treatment of some amino acids that raise seratonin levels and some other spray stuff that suppose to help me sleep at night

I know other people's medical crap is never interesting, I just thought I would share the experience of seeing a dr who didn't prescribe anti-depresents at the first sign of tears.

2004-10-01 11:27:33 ET

Well, at least he didn't have you on mental meds right away, yeah, that's become an all too convenient way for doctors to get out of doing their job.

2004-10-01 11:28:44 ET

that's great. I'm glad you could be helped without costly drugs.

2004-10-01 11:34:01 ET

Yeah I am really relieved. I cried all the way to the Dotors. Even listening to the GO Gos wasn't helping relieve my fears. He is a a full body DR he does normal medicine, holistic treatment and chiropractic. And he sat and talked to me for over an hour before prescribing the stuff he did.

2004-10-01 12:31:56 ET

That's amazing.
Was the spray stuff Bachflower Rescue Remedy?

2004-10-01 12:38:49 ET

I wish I could go to a doctor for my depression. too bad my parents hate psychologists. I guess I could go to the one at my school, but that sounds kind of lame.

2004-10-01 12:43:46 ET

Your parents likes and dislikes should have nothing to do with it, luckie- it's up to you. Definitely go to the one at school, or if you're not comfortable with them, get them to give you a referral.

2004-10-01 14:13:51 ET

I think it's terribly interesting because I love you. You're already best friend material, Kelly and I care. That amino acid stuff--your doctor is gooooood. Veggie burgers and burritos will help there. And if you're allergic to wheat--NO PROBLEM!!! I have some incredible, easy recipes for wheatless food. Trader Joes or the Natural Earth market by your house will also be helpful. Birth control--yeah--you're at that age where your hormones are all out of whack. I call it your biological clock. Doctors call it something else. ^_^

Sorry I couldn't have been more help with the holistic stuff. But the food stuff--come my way! I can definately help there, sweetie. ^_^ *hugs*

2004-10-01 14:22:12 ET

I really need to find a family doctor who's holistic-friendly.. I really don't know how much longer I can take this crap.

2004-10-01 14:26:51 ET

Oooh--exercise is another big way to control depression. Wait--did Kelly already mention that???

2004-10-01 14:30:17 ET

I don't have depression per se... it's a long story. But yes, exercise + its natural endorphins does quite a bit of good.

2004-10-01 15:07:47 ET

gaaaah. i know how you feel. i've been through it over and over again, but without a decent doctor... good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

2004-10-01 20:38:43 ET

Syb: The spray stuff is called "carefree" I am not sure about it at all because the bottle is completely white with a bit of writting in sharpie pen detailing how often I am to use it.

Angel: Thanks! I am going to need help if I really do follow the right diet.

Luckie: My Doctor is not a psychologist. he is a medical Doctor. Finding anything similar to what I have found may be your ticket. My depression isn't going to require psych drugs. Yours may not either. I almost went to the school clinic but I am sure they would have put me right on anti depressants without blinking.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.

2004-10-12 11:33:34 ET

I take a couple uppers
I down a couple downers
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills
I been up mushroom mountain
Once or twice but who’s countin’
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills

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