2006-05-24 14:54:39 ET

So I am here. Dave checked out the school and he really likes it. i am going to do a bit a job hunting tonight but it looks like this may be where we move to in a couple of months...

2006-05-24 15:01:26 ET

How is Tennessee?

2006-05-24 15:07:45 ET

thats exciting!

2006-05-24 16:08:28 ET

It doesn't have to be forever. You'll be back.

West Coast Baby.

2006-05-27 13:28:40 ET

Tenessee is kinda how I expected. I am still looking for any sort of non country culture. we were told a bout a Goth club that dave and I will visit tomarrow. Stuff is looking up.

Housing is really inexpensive compared to the west coast. So it looks like we are going to try to but and not rent. That's kind of different for me.

2006-05-28 04:59:54 ET

I miss TN
Its really peacful

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