name change
2006-06-08 05:46:40 ET

I never had a boyfriend in highschool. I was too well known as little christian Kelly who wouldn't put out and thus not worth the time. (this is not a pity me statement) So my first boyfriend was on my summer holiday after graduating from highschool. I spent the time in Hawaii. Met a very fun but egocentric boy and we had a fun month or so. I don't remember how long we were together. That was ten years ago.

Today I discovered that he found me on myspace.
A little unnerving.
I have changed my name in my bio to my married name. I should find no more unexpected hellos after today.

2006-06-08 06:35:38 ET

It should make you smile that you affected change in someone enough that they remembered you. If the relationship ended on amicable terms, why not see where things go? Understanding you are married, sometimes old lovers become good friends (and nothing more)

2006-06-08 06:38:07 ET

Part of me is flattered he looked me up. But he's not the first suprise greeting I have found on myspace. I like my annonimity. I am not comfortable with just anybody in my past finding me. Some of the people I've known I don't want in my life.

2006-06-08 06:43:43 ET

I have an effective way of dealing wth those people. I beat them about the head and shoulders with a large, blunt object.

2006-06-08 06:54:12 ET

Good method. However that means I would have to be close to them. I would prefer just to disapear.

2006-06-08 07:42:44 ET

now where's the fun in that???

2006-06-08 11:27:06 ET

I don't know. Perhaps I am growing soft in my old age.. Or Perhaps I am just too concerned with my plans for world domination to be bothered with silly peons who do not deserve to be in the same room as me?

2006-06-09 04:35:26 ET

Hrm... interesting. If I were a licenced Psycho-therapist, I'd say you were suffering from dellusions of grandeur with this world domnation thing, but since I'm more a super villain, have to say, good show, old bean.

Seriously though, I've found most of the people from my past to be superfluous at best, however, I have found one or two useful peons to add to the network.

I guess I've never had a problem with getting rid of undesirables.

2006-06-09 04:58:17 ET

I had a stalker for a brief time. That's enough to make one jumpy about being found. He was a silly highschool fling who couldn't get over the one dance we went to. I got cards and letters and phone calls years after high school. they contained some scary stuff.

2006-06-09 05:14:27 ET

I've had a few. When people stalk me, they get much more than they bargain for. bring the scary. Not to mention my Monster Penis can be too much for any stalker...

2006-06-09 05:27:51 ET

People should be more than you bargian for. on average I tire of the predictable.

2006-06-09 05:33:04 ET

It is doubtful you'd find someone like myself. General population cowers in my presence. t's real annoying in the Tim Horton's line up.

2006-06-09 05:59:54 ET

of course your're unique, just like everyone else.

2006-06-09 08:02:16 ET

not really. most people just go through the motions. You could say I was born under the wrong sign. (Do not enter)

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