2006-06-09 05:03:44 ET

I do not have a wedding dress in my living room. It went home last night. Everything came together and she is beautiful.

now to fix straps on a bridesmaid dress.

2006-06-09 05:06:15 ET


2006-06-09 05:06:36 ET

congrats. sounded like a challenge.

2006-06-09 05:13:12 ET

yeah. I am new at patternmaking. This is the second wedding dress I've made. I really like sewing when it's all over, when I am in the middle of it I am cursing the very thought that I could sew. I don't know if I'll do it again. I have a friend, however, who has informed me that I will make her teal silk wedding dress when she gets married, fortunantly she isn't seeing anyone currently so I have time to gather my strength.

2006-06-09 06:01:42 ET

UPDATE: Bridesmaid dress is finished. Now all I have left to do for this wedding is help my husband video it. *smacks forehead*

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