2006-06-13 09:16:18 ET

I had a video camera in my hand all day so I am waiting for pictures of the wedding dress from my friend who photographed the wedding. I promise pictures of the wedding dress as soon as I can get them.

so I bought pretty wrapping paper today to wrap friends present. nice pale platinum. I got it home only to realize the pale color was because it's celephane. clear. So uh. I wrapped my friend's present in clear plastic. Not really worth the effort I suppose.

2006-06-13 11:46:19 ET

I always liked clear things with dangly strings. Did you put some dangly strings on it?

2006-06-15 06:09:38 ET

No. But I cut out shapes in construction paper and taped it to the outside. I felt like I was in Kindergarten. She payed no mind to the wrapping though. She saw through the clear plastic that it was a book she had wanted. My rest of the time with her that afternoon was focused on the book. At least it's really obvious when you get people the right presents.

2006-06-16 07:41:22 ET

LOL It's all the difference. That's how I know I haven't hit the button with you, yet. I don't get to hear about your wants so I always have to wing it. ;)

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