nothings happens unless everything happens
2006-06-22 09:19:06 ET

So on top of preparing the camp set and working on the packing. Dave's friend is moving into our spare room for a month. this means for the rest of the time we are in this little house, we have a roommate. cause I don't have enough going on. So today is spent packing up the spare room wich is also my sewing room, our office and where we have kept all the art supplies. (and between the two of us that's alot of art supplies.)

So today's agenda has included cleaning, packing, figuring out how much lumber I need for a set and tracking down people who are suppose to give me the money to buy said lumber.

I sat for a while though and watched an episode of 'Dark shadows'. Netflicks has given me some unusual things to waste time with.

2006-06-22 17:59:42 ET

Neflix rules my world. We should add eachother, and recommend flix.

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