2006-06-27 10:50:19 ET

Making cookies making cookies Lalala

2006-06-27 10:55:45 ET


What kind?

2006-06-27 10:59:08 ET

You are ADORABLE!! And I think I should join you. What kind are YoU making??

2006-06-27 11:09:53 ET


2006-06-27 11:12:46 ET

I gave some neibor kids money for thier fund drive. i got cookie dough out of it. so I am making chocolate chip cookies that all I had to do is peal the dough bits off cardboard and toss them in the oven. I can't eat them but they will make husnabd happy

2006-06-27 11:30:52 ET

LOL. I can't make any from scratch right now anyway because I'm almost out of chocolate chip. And, well...if I can't have chocolate chip--what's the point of making cookies?

2006-06-29 22:04:23 ET

mmm, cookies.

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