Silly Boy
2006-07-06 09:35:07 ET

I was havng a conversation with our temporary roommate about chores. He asked what chores we wanted him to do. I informed him that Dave and I don't assign chores and that if he saw something that needed to be done. to do it. I, being at home most of the day, do alot of the cleaning anyway so I am not concerned. He then told me about a couple of the places he lived with a bunch of guys and how the cleaning always tended to just not happen. He told me about how female friends that would come to hang out would end up doing their dishes and the like. He explained to me that girls do dishes and something like autopiolot went into effect when they saw that the dishes needed to be done.

I laughed. Then I explained that whoever did his dishes happened to like someone in the house. I very nicely informed him that girls are not born programmed to do dishes. He blushed.

I think I have figured out part of the reason he doesn't have a girlfriend.

2006-07-06 09:42:19 ET

maybe he's gay.

2006-07-06 09:50:13 ET

if you go by stereotypes, this boy is not put together enough to be gay

2006-07-06 09:50:49 ET

I monotype. It's easier.

2006-07-06 09:57:16 ET

He's lived with us for about a week and I have been amused by his ignorance about girls. He freaked out the other day cause I took a shower while he was in the house.

2006-07-06 10:01:39 ET

that's funny. 40-year old virgin material.

2006-07-06 10:03:41 ET

Yeah. I think it's what an over protective mother and a strict church did to him.

2006-07-06 10:26:47 ET

Why do I think the movie Psycho?

2006-07-07 09:11:40 ET

ok. not that bad

2006-07-07 09:25:34 ET

ok then. when i'm reading about how they found you kiled, and stuffed, and made out to look like a 60 yr old biddy, don't come cryin to me...

2006-07-07 09:31:38 ET

if that happened, the first suspect would and should be my husband. Although between you and me, he's the one that is not going to survive our marriage

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