this morning's pondering
2006-08-23 05:31:10 ET

So before specialized breeding and stuff, all pets came from the wild. Dogs, cats, even hamsters.

I want to know where wild hamsters roam.

The idea just amuses me

2006-08-23 05:52:04 ET

Those viscious little things roamed the deserts in packs, attacking unsuspecting coyotes and snakes in broad daylight!

2006-08-23 08:07:28 ET

Prairies. They roam on prairies and farms.

2006-08-23 08:12:14 ET

I think there are some in Africa as well.

There are wild guinea pigs in South America.

2006-08-23 09:16:42 ET

They also eat the flesh of virgins.

2006-08-24 07:48:32 ET

Analog: They've outlawed virgin sacrifices to the hamsters long ago. it seems the hamsters were never satified and we were running out of virgins.

April: The parie thought makes me think of an old west film. Guys on horse back hearding the pack (what is a group of hamsters called?) into the sunset.

2006-08-25 10:13:51 ET

I thought hamsters wern't indigenous to the earth, and that they came from space??? am I wrong?

2006-08-25 10:13:52 ET

2006-08-26 08:14:59 ET

hamsters in space>>>>> (the echoey announceer voice from the muppet show)

2006-08-28 07:36:10 ET

a group of chinchilla is a colony
a group of rats is a Colony, Pack, Plague or Swarm


2006-08-29 08:16:23 ET

I pictured a plateau of dirt and rock, a silly little furball poking his head from a hole in the ground. If he throws ping pong balls, it could mean Stroutsink has another mini game...

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