A good kick while I'm down
2006-09-06 14:33:55 ET

So I have really been trying to adjust lately. really I have.

I look at the jobless state in a hopeful light of.. the right job just hasn't come yet. I will get it when I need it.

I am working on being extremely patient with Dave's parents. They are very opinionated and forceful people but I am trying to look at motives and not how they go about things.

I am looking for things to do here. I am gaining hope that I will find friends, people to go somewhere with, people who won't stare at me funny and ask where I am from.

Today I get the horrible diagnosis from the mechanic. The horible noise my car makes will cost $500 to fix. I need other things but I don't have the $300 more to do eveything he recomends. I only have the money to replace the wheel hub and bearing because my parents are being nice enough to lend us some money.

I am soo frustrated. Dave going to school is worth moving here. I just wish things could be easy just for a little while. just for a few days. Stress is making me soo tired.

2006-09-06 17:58:08 ET

i felt like this last year. i was low on cash, jobless, with a lot of bills, and lonely. trust me, it really does all work out. yourself will always take care of yourself.

2006-09-07 06:29:08 ET


2006-09-07 11:09:52 ET

yeah... i seem to be going through this situation as well, but it will work out! and you'll find a job that will be perfect for you!

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