2006-09-11 11:14:44 ET

This weekend:

dave and I put a bid in on another house. this one is not as cute as the first house that we were flat out rejected by but it has potential.

I have completed an interview with a company that sells dog collars and leashes and such.. The outsource thier product to local sewers to make them. I made a couple of collars this weekend and sent them back this morning. I'll hear from them soon and know if I get a job.

dave and I were able to talk to his parents about the overly opinionated manner in which THEY have been conducting OUR life. They apologized for insisting on making desitions for us and have agreed to back off. This is good. His mother still treats me like I am going to have an emotional breakdown every three minutes. Kinda makes me angry. This is not so good. But I suppose things will get better.

A couple we met at church has asked to have dinner with us at some point this week. They are our age, married about four months ago, he is from India, she's from Kentucky. The little we have talked has been interesting. I have alot of hope ridding on this. I have one friend currently, a woman staying with us who's (much older)husband is a highschool friend of my father in law. was that clear? anyway. It's nice to talk and go places but I would like to spend time with someone I do not live in the same house with.

2006-09-11 15:58:30 ET

Good luck finding a house. That's not even on my horizon as long as I live near Los Angeles.

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