2006-09-15 08:16:32 ET

So there has been a tragedy I have not shared yet. I wasn't ready to.

This past Monday a friend I grew up with was found dead in her home. it seems so horrible to write that sentance. her mother found her. That's just as painful to think about.
an autopsy has shown nothing. a toxicology test that is underway will take 3 to 4 months to show perhaps why we lost her so suddenly.

She had cleaned up her life. given school another chance and was running her mom's realestate office. To loose her so quickly, without any warning was a shock that took a couple of days to wear off. The only way they know it was monday morning that she passed away, is ironically, she logged on to her myspace account that morning.

I hadn't had much contact with her in the past five or so years. but as children well into middle school her family and ours spent alot of time together. there are so many things I remember and even things I still own that were gifts from Amy.

The only thing I can say that is good is that this came after she got off drugs and turned her life around. if it had been a few years ago when most of us expected this to happen, it would have been a waste of life. At least now relationships had been reconciled and there are good memories to have.

Goodbye Amy. You will be missed

2006-09-19 18:44:42 ET

Jeeze. I've been out of the loop and haven't heard from you. I was wondering...

How have you been. Other than this sad sad event. I am hoping things are better there in Tennessee. We're still missing you. I still owe you a piece of artwork.

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