2006-12-02 04:59:24 ET

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse... I found a Job. Hired at a place that advertised entrylevel management training. The monthly pay is what made me apply. So uh, yeah.. now I am selling vacuum cleaners.

(deep breathe) I am so headed for the insane assylum.

I would just like to say that I have had my fill for the month of stupid people. I do realize it is only the second of december. If you cannot pay attention and think before you speak, It will be all I can do to not smack you.

notes to those I trained to sell vacuums with: Playing dumb does not impress anyone. The information was told to you and written on the board; Stop asking me what we are suppose to be doing. I do not automatically think you are cool because you walk in a room with a ciggarette hanging out of you mouth and your hand in your pants. looking me over in disgust and exclaiming that I ain't from around here, does not endear me to you and I will not sit in a corner and talk about people with you. You will be aloud to speak to me when you have learned to speak in full sentances. Until then.. leave me alone.

2006-12-04 20:30:40 ET


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