I should be balancing the account
2007-01-30 17:21:35 ET

My closest friends live forever away. We talk on the phone alot but it just isn't the same. Today threw in sharp focus the loneliness I accually feel.

This morning my husband tagged along while I did some research for the Jellyfish Lamp I am making. I wandered about Lowes and Hobby Lobby looking for glass pieces for the body. I had a very good time with David doing this. The pursuit of creativity is a content feeling to me.I am very thankful I married a man who loves to create as I do.

Moments later when I turned my attention to the baby blanket I am also making for a shower next weekend, I lost him. Apparently there is are limits to what he'll discuss or what he labels as worth his time. Slow meandering patience as we considered odd material for our purposes became frustrated impatience as I searched for the right color pink.

What is the difference? Why is one project creative and worth input While the other something akin to shoe shopping? They do not differ in my mind. They are merely different bits of media I work with.

anyway.. yah lonely

btw: My slogan maker makes me giggle. Some days I write what the slogan says on my dry erase board because it makes me feel happy.

2007-01-31 06:44:30 ET

I think hardware store type stuff is just more appealing. Just talking about men in general, they are much more comfortable talking about steel, glass, nuts and bolts than fabrics.

being that I don't know you so well, I gingerly offer advice: try not to think in terms of "worth his time" or "limits to what he'll discuss". It sounds like a dangerous path to turn into a rut.

2007-02-02 11:43:06 ET

Thank you for advice and don't worry about offending me. it's pretty difficult on most days.

I talk about steel nuts bolts paints and pipe cleaners and bits of broken tile and random uses for duck tape and stucco patch.. Fabric is just another part of creating something. He will talk about fabric if he's painting on it. we had a whole conversation about what a portrait would look like painted on a leftover scrap of gauze I have... I think he puts items in a box and labels them to care or not to care.
I understand what you are cautioning but there is a complete lack of interest and lots of frustration when I try to involve him in projects He doesn't care about. I wouldn't know how to identify it as anything else.

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