I was going to do a picture post
2008-05-07 04:47:34 ET

I have pictures from my birthday party that I was going to share but right now I can't find the attention span to do it.

I found out last night that another person that was a friend has died. That makes three in the last month and a half.
I have not had much contact with any of them since I moved to Tennessee. Part of me tells me I have no right to grieve. Did I really spend much time and effort thinking or talking to these people?

But I have pictures and memories of when they were part of my world. When I was apart of theirs. I suppose that's where I feel sadness.

But it's a frustrating grief. No one here knew these people I cry for. No one has memories of their own to add to mine. The only response is a blank 'oh'.
Another faceless tragedy to be placed with all the other stories one does not know what to do with.

I think grief feels bigger when you have to go through it alone.

2008-05-07 06:51:50 ET

Anyone I know?

2008-05-07 19:10:05 ET

Tommy Incoparo
Philip Taylor
are the two you might know. Tommy, you would have already heard about I think.

2008-05-07 19:47:31 ET

Wow, I did hear about Tommy. I've been so cut off form Tahoe I know nothing of what is a happening there anymore.

Was this the Philip that worked at Denney's? What happened?

2008-05-12 08:34:50 ET

Phil was three years younger than us. I knew him from school and church. He was apart of the skiing group, ryan shreve and mitch underhill and all of them.. I thought you might know of him cause of your sister. He was living in arizona and last month tore his esophagus. His grandma found him the morning after they released him from the hospital.

The third was a girl named Amber. I met her a couple of times. She was good friends with someone I know and I wanted to be there for her.

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