self promotion
2008-08-28 09:05:45 ET

I hate that everyone you meet in Nashville is trying to be discovered....
"oh you like music... Well I play in blah blah band.. you should check us out."

canned response: Oh, cool! thanks! I totally will... *tosses jotted note in trash*

and unrelated side note: The Vectorworks software package I want is going to cost me 1800.

2008-08-28 12:55:39 ET

can't you just get a crack of it?

2008-08-28 17:19:12 ET

Not that I can find

2008-08-29 03:04:53 ET

Are you familiar with Torrenting?

2008-08-29 06:42:50 ET


2008-08-30 20:54:22 ET

Download something like uTorrent or bit lord. Download the tracker on that website. Go to the location that the file was downloaded to and either just install it or read the help txt file and do it that way. If one of your friends is familiar with it he/she can help. I'm not too great at explaining via text. :(

2008-09-01 16:31:31 ET

Thanks for pointing it out. I set my husband to work on it. *laughs maniacally*

2008-09-02 21:39:43 ET

Hope I saved ya some serious cash and it works out ok. Most programs you don't have to pay for anymore if you really don't want to.

2008-09-17 20:53:46 ET

Torrents are teh shit.

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