like Alice in her pool of tears
2009-04-03 16:31:12 ET

Retail sucks my will to live.

My will to live is then replaced with a slow steady rage.

being angry the whole time at work just makes me really tired.

The exhaustion robs me of motivation to do anything meaningful with my time off.

The downward spiral depresses me and all I can ever think about is how I need another job.

GOAL: to find away to not let retail suck my will to live. so I can search for a new job with hope and patience, not desperation.

2009-04-03 16:38:15 ET

Solution: Fuck with customers

2009-04-03 17:36:22 ET

I already do. It doesn't alleviate the pain, it just makes the stupidity of the common shopper more apparent.

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