18 years ago
2009-08-27 14:48:02 ET

When I was in 7th grade a girl, two years younger than me, was kidnapped on her way to school.

I was part of the volunteer crew for the first couple of months stuffing envelopes, wearing my pink ribbon.

So today, or yesterday, they found her. The couple who had her, hid her in the concealed area of their back yard. she's had two girls, the oldest is 15.

I cannot imagine a life, for almost twenty years, sexually abused, fenced into this area, raising children.

It makes me feel excited at the amazing idea that she is alive and found... But I feel so sick at the thought of what that man and his wife had done to her. and there are two girls who have lived their entire lives in this hell who have never gone to school, seen a Dr.

I feel kinda weird to be so emotional over a girl I never knew.

2009-08-27 14:53:49 ET

woah... they found her ALIVE? that is a miracle. the rest can be survived. what a bunch of sick fucks in this world.

2009-08-27 15:00:51 ET

I wish they would leave people who did things like that to me.

2009-08-28 03:49:44 ET

i just read about it in the news...how fucking scary!! I can't really find any interviews with her, though. I want to know how she feels about things...

2009-08-28 19:29:26 ET

I agree much can be survived. An interview would be interesting. but I am sure public and press are overwhelming. I hope when she does talk to the public it will be because she wants to. She's been through alot.

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