miss the old days.
2013-05-04 17:11:56 ET

Jesus I was 17 when this site started. I'm 28 now. Those were definitely the days. I miss talking to all my old friends here. Life was so simple back then. Now I'm almost out of rehab and about to hit the club scene with my music. Atlanta here I come. Already have stuff lined up at the shelter some time this year. For anyone interested or who possibly remembers my music from back in the day, I've come a long way since then. WWW.soundcloud.com/dunkler-tr-ume all my stuff is up for download.

2013-02-08 07:14:10 ET

for anyone who cares or might randomly stumble on this...here is my soundcloud site for my music:


godless is 100% done. Vocals, tweaking, and samples. Will be playing in Atlanta in about 6 months live.

2010-11-26 10:23:08 ET

Ooh.. I finally got my cyber mask. Too bad I can't take pictures right now T_T

Looks like this but with blue on the side and the chaos symbol:


Single? Hmmm
2009-11-16 21:55:46 ET

And so after 3 years 1 day and about 12 hours, I'm single again. Meh. She kept the engagement ring too!

2009-08-20 21:10:15 ET

hurray for being an IT major.

Just finished my free and -----legal----- installation of windows 7. Looks pretty nice, and only idles at about 200 megs more ram than XP did.

So far so good. Soon I'll have info on dx 11 in gaming ^^

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