chips! chips! and more .... chips!
2003-07-23 11:46:26 ET


Who would have thought that salt and pepper potato chips would be soooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! I just ate two bags.

2003-07-23 11:50:25 ET

I would. Yum, wish they had those here.

2003-07-23 12:15:26 ET

I didn't know they ahd Salt and Pepper chips?

2003-07-23 14:25:41 ET

you can't eat just one

or something

2003-07-23 15:24:21 ET

Betcha can't eat just how it goes.

2003-07-23 19:28:53 ET

i've been thinking...

you need new pics :(

2003-07-24 05:41:17 ET

How much are you gonna pay me to get some new pictures of me up, huh huh huh?!

2003-07-24 15:42:26 ET

do you accept cash on delivery?

2003-07-25 10:56:32 ET

They sound kind of gross, but who knows.

2003-07-25 16:39:51 ET

yeah sure.

2003-07-26 04:53:00 ET

mkay pics and then cash

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