Microsoft = blah
2003-07-29 05:57:09 ET

If you ever go to college and take course on Microsoft, prepare to be bored out of your mind. This is a drag. All these books are is an advertisement for Microsoft.. I swear.

2003-07-29 06:07:43 ET

;) comps suck and should all die in my opinion

2003-07-29 06:13:44 ET

Computers rule the world. You will perish like the old people who cannot adapt to technology and keeping asking me how to send an email attachment.

2003-07-29 06:35:12 ET

Microsoft is mother, Microsoft is father. Honour Microsoft and Microsoft shall honour you.

2003-07-29 16:23:21 ET

emails have attachments? hmm imagine that :)

2003-07-29 18:30:58 ET

Sounds boring.

2003-07-29 19:09:53 ET

it is.

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