2003-07-30 17:18:10 ET

You know you're bored when you waste 8 dollars on a penthouse magazine. At least some of the pictures are...quite nice.

2003-07-30 17:27:18 ET

Haha.. the stories in it make me giggle.

2003-07-30 17:47:39 ET

What's the point of that when there's a whole wide Internet of pr0n that awaits you?

2003-07-30 17:48:27 ET

if you needed to see random nude chicks i could've helped you out :-x

2003-07-30 17:49:43 ET


2003-07-30 18:22:47 ET

Nah, this lady that comes into the convenience store I work at gave me one of these $5 tickets we have from slot machines. So I'm just spending about 3. But Roses, I'll take you up on that offer.

2003-08-04 12:38:12 ET

^^ $8 for porn??????????? WOW. that's expensive.

2003-08-09 05:46:55 ET

I wouldn't call that bored...I'd call that sexually frustrated.

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