job job job job This will be fun
2003-09-11 08:38:00 ET

Excerpt from an email I got from a future co-worker;

"Please give me an idea about how tight your class and work schedules are.
If you are that interested I would like to prepare to take you to a bank
site. Perhaps in Orlando or Washington.

When I am available, I will let you know and then send you an e-mail to
schedule a visit. At that time, I will go over things with you and a
parent. I will also provide the consent forms for the drug test. At that
point, I will take you for your drug test."

Three weeks.. Washington or Orlando for some hands on experience. This'll be fun!

2003-09-11 08:40:24 ET

id say get all the experience you can right now. Thats what the market wants is experience. Entry-level practically doesnt exist anymore. but good luck all the same.

2003-09-11 19:00:30 ET

cool! :)

2003-09-13 11:06:18 ET

That's damn nifty Xan!!

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