Sadists oh my!
2003-10-16 08:14:46 ET

My girlfriend is a sadist. Not the old Fiancee mind you, but my new one. She's a girlfriend/stalker/really good sex giver. But she's way too strung out. Too fucking hyper and really needs to lay off of the stackers. She's not fat, but yet she takes those damnable pills that make you lose weight and give you energy. As if she wasn't hyper enough. Sheesh. Did I mention damn good sex?

2003-10-16 08:41:20 ET

O_o... well damn good sex isn't everything... but... wooo O_o... hyper people shouldn't touch stuff that just makes it worse haha

2003-10-16 10:51:52 ET

Haha, but damned good sex can certainly make those other aspects of her kinda go away. ;)

YAY FOR DAMNED GOOD SEX. Boo on the stackers. Flush them down the toilet when she's not looking.

Oh btw, sorry for ignoring you when you IMed me yesterday, I couldn't be on for long. :/

2003-10-16 16:20:30 ET

Yeah, I'm about to start throwing those stackers out the fucking window, she's too damn hyper. The whole just leaning over and biting the FUCK out of you for no apparent reason is starting to get really really old. And no prob, Nuclear, I was playing a game anyways and was just saying hi.

2003-10-18 21:56:56 ET

Replace her stackers with some type of sugar based placebo.

Then marry her. Good sex has only one place ... in the bed of a happily married Christian couple.

Sorry ... I just wanted to see what it looked like if I typed it out all the way.

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