interesting read
2003-10-30 08:48:31 ET

Amusing to say the least. It's a wonder someone would write over a hundred pages nearly of information on 'real vampires'

2003-10-30 10:06:22 ET

You're updating so often, I think my head is gonna explode. ;)

That page is.. wow. There's this kid at school that is all in love with me that swears he's a real vampire. It kind of freaked me out, but hey, to each their own.

2003-10-30 13:43:46 ET

Yeah well, I finally have the internet again, and I'm not mudding all the fucking time. Plus I have a life so I can UPDATE MY JOURNAL now. With all the drunken sex, and parties, and school, and sadist girlfriend's who love me. It's quite the lovely time I have.

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