hot hot HOT
2002-03-21 16:54:28 ET

Damn. I finally get the chance to look through at all the pictures of the members here. wo0o0o0o0. All you new girls look damn TASTY. And since I'm such a fucking loser, I have to find ALL my girls on the net. Alright people, start leaving AIM screennames HERE!!!

If you're a girl, I want the aim posted as a reply.

2002-03-21 22:09:56 ET


Im nice and sexy and i wanna sex you up Xany boy

2002-03-22 00:10:57 ET


hope doom hasn't loosened you up too quickly

2002-03-22 03:27:47 ET


2002-03-22 08:19:05 ET

w00t! boys only klub in Xanny's house, y0!

*turns up Beborn Beton*

2002-03-22 19:46:58 ET

(shh dont tell anyone, but that was Bio's Aim handle! *snickers*)

2002-03-23 06:16:04 ET

you Xani.. .you already have mine lover b0i

2002-03-23 18:48:41 ET

i'm still your goddess and muse, aren't I?

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