2003-12-04 11:22:34 ET

damn.. Jenny kicks ass. She is the -only- girl I have -ever- enjoyed having sex with. (No I'm not into guys either so don't ask!) but goddamn I love sex. *swoon*

2003-12-04 12:57:58 ET

Dude. Watch out. All Jenny's are psycho and good in bed. But they wait till they have you wrapped around their little finger, then they just stop sleeping with you, then they sleep with your best friend and tie you to the traintracks while implementing their BLOW UP THE MOON PLOT!!! THE HUMANITY!

On that note, I'm up to jenny #3 now.

2003-12-05 12:13:53 ET

You know, that's the scariest thing I've ever heard. She's psycho, and good in bed.. And she's probably plotting that type of thing. That's the kind of person she seems like.. But whoa.. seriously? Every Jenny you've been with has been about the same?

2003-12-05 12:39:38 ET

d00d. I am in agreeance with Mr. Malcontent. Watch out for this chick. Sex is good, yes, but is it really worth it if she's psycho?

2003-12-05 12:44:48 ET

sex is fun. i miss girls... rar... being a lesbian with a boyfriend is kind of difficult.

2003-12-06 09:51:19 ET

I believe what the 2 said...I've never known a Jenny that didn't have some psycho scheme.

2003-12-30 09:14:46 ET

Good sex is great and all but you should UPDATE!!! Did psycho Jenny get you or something?

2003-12-30 14:50:32 ET


2003-12-31 08:09:14 ET

If his Jenny is anything like any of mine, he is probably stuck Internet-less in some cheap Mexican hotel room doing things that no sane couple should ever be doing together.

Poor guy.

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