I'm alive. And no, crazy chick didn't get me :P
2004-01-04 07:32:00 ET

Yes yes yes. I'm alive. Sorry, I haven't been online too much lately. Been sleeping all day and stuff on the break. Crazy girl didn't get me, no. For all of those asking *grin*

But uh.. Jenny disappeared. Just poof, gone. I haven't talked to her ever since she was walking away from my house after we had sex like three weeks ago. She went to Augusta after someone in her family died, and never went back to work. Got fired. Ah well.

2004-01-06 03:08:51 ET

*Does happy dance in celebration of Xanithe's reappearance*

Crazy people do tend to just wander off...

The offer to kidnap and rape you still stands... though you're not really a kid anymore... *wink*

2004-01-06 13:38:11 ET

Are you single yet? Still... Come and get me. Please?

2004-01-07 02:43:00 ET

You were busy with crazy chick during the brief time that I was single. Where are you again...

*begins hatching plan for Xanithe-napping+

2004-01-07 13:36:21 ET

Statesboro Georgia. About an hour from Savannah! Come get me pleeeeeeeease? And be single again. Oh and uh.. You shoulda said somethinga bout being single sheesh! I woulda abandoned evil girl for you -any- day.

2004-01-08 07:44:13 ET

Next time I'm single I'll be sure to run to Georgia and jump into your arms...or at least pm you.

Though I'm kind of far so it'd be hard to have rampant sex very often. ;P

Still working on a plan to hatch you outta there.

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