Here in class.
2002-04-04 08:03:14 ET

Class started yesterday. I only have two classes this quarter. Networking fundamentals, and Operating systems concepts. Luckily I'm off on Fridays. YAY ME! I'm actually sitting in my Operating systems class right now. God damn this guys is boring! *rofl*

2002-04-04 11:07:54 ET

Operating Systems Concepts?
What does that entail?

Unix = GOOD
Windows = CRAP

2002-04-05 01:31:23 ET

Doing dos for a fucking week. Then WINDOWS 2000 *CRINGE* for ALL but the last week which will be unix.

2002-04-05 11:34:57 ET

it's all greek to me.

2002-04-05 11:51:33 ET


2002-04-09 10:24:36 ET

you're in Statesboro eh? that's like 3 hours from me..

2002-04-11 08:21:02 ET

Really? fun fun! Come and visit me, this town is horrible.

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