2004-03-01 13:34:07 ET

Ok, this is majorly fucked up. All right, my friend in class comes up to me today and tells me he was talking to my ex girlfriend Jenny (who I miss like crazy and wish she'd move back here) Apparently, he just randomly found her name, IMed her, and started talking to her.. I just got off the phone with her.. This is nuts. just absolutely crazy.

2004-03-01 13:35:05 ET

I'm assuming the conversation went well?

2004-03-01 13:36:13 ET

how sweet... u miss her like crazy and u then find her...

2004-03-01 13:37:35 ET

Interesting...very interesting...

2004-03-01 13:55:37 ET

Yesh.. Conversation went very well. Now I just have to get a job so we can start living together.

2004-03-01 13:56:26 ET

oh wow... good luck! ^_^

2004-03-01 13:58:21 ET

Wow. *grin*

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