one of those odd conversations.
2004-03-29 21:09:25 ET

DJWasian: Shanell and I tried anal once
Mazarael: On her though
Mazarael: Right?
DJWasian: it was back when i was inexperienced
DJWasian: yeah
Mazarael: well it's not as good for a chick
DJWasian: accidently went into the wrong hole lol
Mazarael: laugh
Mazarael: been there, done that
DJWasian: it wasn't a good time for either of us really
Mazarael: Oh wait
Mazarael: You meant to go into her, and went into her ass instead?
DJWasian: yeah lol
Mazarael: Rofl
Mazarael: That I haven't done
Mazarael: I bet you guys were like Oops!!!
DJWasian: her reaction was pretty funny though
Mazarael: rofl
DJWasian: she was like
Mazarael: what'd she do?
DJWasian: ohhhh, wrong, hoo, owwww, stop
Mazarael: rofl
DJWasian: I know lol
Mazarael: laugh
DJWasian: you seriously just don't know how to respond to that
Mazarael: Yeah
DJWasian: your just like.... um my bad
Mazarael: I caught heather off guard in the shower once
DJWasian: i'll make a mental note about that
Mazarael: She was like.. WOO
DJWasian: lol
Mazarael: It was pretty funny
DJWasian: but not anal
Mazarael: Snigger
DJWasian: I've done shower surprise before
DJWasian: shower's fun times
Mazarael: Taking showers with someone is so fucking great
DJWasian: but your really limited to your positions
Mazarael: Oh dude
DJWasian: plus it's kinda slippery, but that can work to your advantage sometimes
Mazarael: my god
Mazarael: You have to hear this
Mazarael: I was high and drunk one night
Mazarael: And took a shower with heather
Mazarael: And I REALLY had to pee
Mazarael: But I didn't want to get out of the shower because it was cold
DJWasian: lol, you didn't....
Mazarael: I did
Mazarael: She never knew
DJWasian: rofl

2004-03-30 05:54:58 ET

*dies laughing*

2004-03-30 06:28:06 ET

*points at sybs post and follows suit*

2004-03-30 06:31:23 ET

You know that she probably DID know that you were peeing on her, she just didn't know how to react. ;)

2004-03-30 06:34:15 ET

hehehe yeah you're right... what would you say? she probably just did the same

2004-03-30 10:16:13 ET

readin this made me have to pee...

other than that...that's pretty gross, but slightly amusing.

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