2004-04-12 18:52:21 ET

Well, Allysia and I are getting married in the next year. Her mom is paying for the wedding, and then she's paying for our honeymoon in England. I love you all! This is such a great day!

This is -not- a joke either. This is real, and it is happening to lil' Xanithe.

2004-04-12 18:53:12 ET


2004-04-12 19:10:07 ET

congrats man!

have you been dating awhile? or did you just meet haha? curiousity

2004-04-12 19:19:57 ET

that's crazy dood.

Kooler than jesus though.

Rawks to you!

2004-04-12 19:45:36 ET

4 days... that's a new record.

Congratulations I guess

2004-04-13 03:16:32 ET

I think I'll be the only one recommending this NOT happen so soon, but whatever makes you happy buddy.

2004-04-13 08:22:50 ET

w00t! go you!

2004-04-13 08:47:37 ET

well, whatever works for you.

2004-04-13 12:38:06 ET

I just hope it all works out.

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