Woo I'm hated!!!
2004-04-13 17:37:01 ET

To my girlfriend from her ex boyfriend in an email:

fuck you and your homo-gay bisexual fag boy. as far as i am concerned you are nothing more than a stupid fucking drop out that will never become anything in life and will always be a LOOSE Little whore that doesnt want to take the time to understand shit and rather make shit up that you can more easily understand. fuck the both of you. i hope you both get fucking AIDS.

Apparently moron doesn't realize he contradicted himself a few times in that, and furthermore believes he insulted me by calling me a homo-gay bisexual fag boy. Funny thing is that how can I be bisexual if I'm homosexual? Ah well! drama. Anyways, dipshit's Livejournal is http://www.livejournal.com/users/dumbfuker/

Go drop moron a line if you've got LJ and let him know how much of a dork he is. I find this all amusing, let's all make it funny! whee!

2004-04-13 17:55:03 ET

ex's are stupid. you know what mine is doing? he's getting his other ex (that he cheated on me with) and impersonating us online with screen names similar to ours, only slightly different. seriously, they have no lives...

2004-04-13 17:56:25 ET

oh yeah i posted this on LJ:
"fucking emo kid. what, your hand won't do you services anymore?"

2004-04-13 20:43:29 ET

AH.. LMAO. Exes are so silly.

He has HORRIBLE taste in music. Hardyharhar.

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