Pissy ex?
2004-04-23 04:10:21 ET

Blufairybabe said : i knew ur dumb ass was gay oh and all the guys u saw me get in cars with at otc were my bfs u dumbass!!!!!!

Hahahahah. *dies laughing* Oh well. Poor Psycho Jenny!!! :D

2004-04-23 09:15:44 ET

LOL she does sound bitter

2004-04-23 19:36:54 ET

So she admits to being a slut or something?

2004-04-24 04:59:48 ET

Obviously so. It's funny though, we're having a flame war at Www.thedilly.com It's gonna get ugly probably :P

2004-04-24 08:10:19 ET

Just remember,

"It is the weak who are cruel... gentleness
is to be expected only from the strong."
~Leo Rosten

Be strong, don't be cruel to those weaker than you, no matter how crazy they are.

2004-04-25 07:59:12 ET

oooh i like that quote alot

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