Crazy fuckin night.
2004-05-23 10:20:12 ET

so yeah, I go out with Kelly, was planning on just watching a movie or something then coming home. We wound up robo tripping until... well.. we never went to sleep. We went up to IHOP to hang out with Mike (aww he's just the cutest man alive) and he put on this shrek hat to serve this family of 4. It was funny as hell. But seriously, last night was awesome. I remember spinning around on her kitchen floor and thinking I was in a freakin movie or something. Then we were standing on the couch and running around her apartment complex at like 3 am or something. At like 6:30 am , we opened these little party things that sprayed glittery shiny paper all over her house, and were just staring at the shiny paper for an hour or so. Needless to say, that was the best night I've had for quite a while.

2004-05-23 11:21:40 ET

I need to have an awesome night in which awkwardness does not happen.

2004-05-23 14:01:08 ET

Drugs are bad...I'm jealous...glad you had a ost excellent time.

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