Can't hold my interest!
2004-05-27 18:28:27 ET

I was talking to a friend today, and he hit the nail on the head about me. Unfortunately, it really stinks for me, but ensures I'm always either doing something, or bored shitless. He's so right. He said to me "Matt, I can't see you lasting longer than 6 months in any relationship, you're too hyper, and you seem to get bored with everything as soon as you learn about it" It's rather insulting to have someone else point something out about you, but it's so true. I can't be angry about it. Too bad I can't change it.

2004-05-28 07:43:52 ET

The world is a fast paced place. Relationships that would last six months in today's age are the ones that would last until death back in the middle ages.

We don't give all our crap to our liege and then die of the plague at 33. As a result we are able to do more with our lives.

2004-05-28 15:06:39 ET

To be raped by the fiends sometime in the next ten yrs Matt:

It really does suck when other people decide to let you in on your less than perfect attributes. I think one day you'll manage to last more than 6 just need to find someone that's just as ready to get up and move to a new thing as quickly as you.

Incestuous brother Matt:

I concur, though I'm not sure that sticking with things a little longer necessarily qualifies as doing less with one's life persay, just having less variance within it.

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