2004-05-30 18:11:56 ET

last night was insane. I mixed too many drugs to count, and I can't remember anything but feeling like I was on a train, with bright white light surrounding me, along with insane audio distortions. Everything sounded like some gritty industrial/power noise. It was crazy... just crazy..

2004-05-30 18:23:51 ET

that what you spent the 120 dollars on?

2004-05-30 18:27:03 ET

crazy Xani

2004-05-31 08:36:00 ET

Actually, I spent about 15 on it. 5 for the dxm, and the other 10 I threw in on.... A certain white powder that you snort.

2004-05-31 17:47:18 ET


2004-06-01 06:33:40 ET

hahaha i love just watching people when they're in that state of mind

2004-06-01 07:43:31 ET

You would have been creeped out if you watched me. They kept asking if I was dead or ok or something. I was just muttering "yeah yeah fine.. go away"

2004-06-01 07:46:46 ET

oh it was a stupor? ok no thats not cool. I like to watch people tweaking LOL

2004-06-01 08:29:30 ET

I don't remember shit. I asked Kelly in the morning what I did, and she said I looked like I passed out, then sat up suddenly and said "Kelly, I'm fucked!" then proceeded to go lie down in the kitchen for a few hours.

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