2004-06-05 22:00:40 ET

The SAT is the devil. I woke up at 7 am to go take this monstrous four hour test, and walk out feeling like I'd be happy if I spelled my name correctly. I probably guessed on a third of that test. Thank god it's all over with though, no more massive studying for tests that won't make a difference in my life. Two weeks left at OTC, then I'll have my associate. If everything goes how it should, I'll be out of this shithole town within the next 6 months. Just need enough money for a car, and to get my license.

2004-06-05 22:05:50 ET


2004-06-05 22:10:08 ET

I took the SAT last year... then got rejected from the one college I wanted to go to and now I'm going to a technical school. :/

I want my money back.

2004-06-06 03:46:57 ET


you're a super-genius, so no worries mate.

2004-06-06 07:04:40 ET


2004-06-06 09:13:10 ET

Yeah I was wondering the same thing...

2004-06-06 11:46:01 ET

Wile E. Coyote.


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