That came out of nowhere.
2004-06-06 19:35:28 ET

It seems like the world is falling apart right now. Maybe it's always been this bad, but it doesn't seem like it. People are dying left and right, and there are more problems now than ever before.

Strangely, and this is quite a change for me, but all I can think about right now is getting away from civilization and having children. I don't want school, I don't want money, and I don't care if I have electricity or other things we recognize as necessary in day to day life. I want kids, and a mate. And to be left alone.

For some reason, I just have this desire to abandon the normal way of thinking, and rely upon instinct and my heart.

A conversation I just had with a friend. And this just feels right:

Mazarael: I feel... so strange
AeketDrgn: *ponder*
AeketDrgn: It makes me wonder... quite honestly, if we're coming up on a world force.
AeketDrgn: one of those natural disasters that just.. slams the world back on track
Mazarael: We are
AeketDrgn: mm
Mazarael: I feel it
Mazarael: I feel the earth groaning
AeketDrgn: *shrugs* Nothing I can do.
AeketDrgn: *nods*
Mazarael: I feel the pain of the world, and the disgust of mother nature by our disastrous presence
AeketDrgn: I agree, I can feel something coming, and I don't know if I will survive it. But either way, I can't do anything aout it

I've never felt like this before. Something is wrong. Something is going on that I'm unaware of.

2004-06-06 21:59:39 ET

I agree something is wrong...but I don't think it means there will be a world force in our lifetimes.

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