I want you
2004-06-08 08:18:39 ET

I want your body . I love you, I must have you.. Who? I don't know. Anyone and everyone. I love you all. Caffeine is GODLY.

2004-06-08 08:21:25 ET

Caffeine makes you into SEX MACHINE.

2004-06-08 08:41:08 ET

= O
Already flirting?

There went the engagement.

2004-06-08 09:44:23 ET

RLF, you'd have to learn something about me. Even if I'm in a relationship, I still flirt, because nothing is wrong with harmless flirting. And I expect my lover to do the same thing. As long as it doesn't go further. OR, if I'm there and you have my permission to kiss someone or whatnot. It's all good. I'm so not the jealous boyfriend type.

2004-06-08 10:49:38 ET

silly Xanithe, I am the SK Welcome Humper...the queen of harmless flirting, I do not really care.

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