First day at work?
2004-06-08 11:22:33 ET

Ok, so I go up to IHOP.... Then the fun begins.

The manager had no clue who I was, or when he hired me, and didn't know he told me to come in today. Had me fill in paperwork, and leave to come back at 7. Oh joy.

2004-06-08 11:24:15 ET

maybe you dreamt being hired...

2004-06-08 11:56:32 ET

Nope. Because the other chick who was serving was like.. "yeah I remember you telling Lucile she needed to train him today"

2004-06-08 16:35:58 ET

he he he. You're adventure has inspired me to try something new and different. I will walk into a place and say "You hired me last week and told me to come in today." And see if I can get a job that way.

2004-06-08 16:46:03 ET

ROFL Now that's funny. I got about an hour and a half in, and then got sent home because it was dead. Either I"m going to be jobless again tomorrow, or I'll be a server or dishasher. But cooking is like swallowing razors.

2004-06-09 03:23:15 ET

LOL that's so freaking crazy

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