Dick me around eh?
2004-06-15 11:25:17 ET

I'm so sick of this bullshit salesman personality that idiots put forth. It's all baby talk to convince you to do something. I talked to the idiot devry lady today, and she told me "Oh your associate degree will take off anywhere from 48-60 credit hours at devry" And I'm thinking Oh? Really? Any of those 12 numbers? What? Is it chosen from a hat, or do you really not have a fucking clue what you're talking about? Then she flat out lies to my face and tells me credits from Devry will transfer anywhere, when I've asked universities, and they tell me they don't accept credits from there. I'm so sick of these bullshit colleges that make shit up for you. Job placement? Oh right, yeah, they give you a fucking LIST of jobs, and you can apply. It makes me so fucking sick. Anyone want to live on an Indian reservation with me and have babies? Because that's what it looks like I'm gonna be doing before long. The white man truly is the devil, and it sucks to be one of them.

2004-06-16 05:23:05 ET

Job placement at any college/university is a freaking joke - I went to a 4 year, highly respected private university and when I visited the job place on campus, they hadn't even HEARD of my major... no joke. fuckers.

though I've heard all sorts of horror stories about devry....

2004-06-16 06:42:10 ET

Have you really? I'm interested in hearing more about em. Because if I hear enough stuff about them dicking students around, I'm just gonna say fuck it, and try to get into Georgia state or something.

2004-06-16 06:43:10 ET

Go for the state school - I'll email my friend about his devry experience today

2004-06-16 06:46:16 ET

The only problem with GSU is that I'm not sure I can get in with a GED, and I'm unsure what I got on the SAT that I took. I don't think I did so well, more around 1000 or so. And I need 1100 to get into GSU. Ackkk This would really suck :(

2004-06-16 07:00:52 ET

I brought up my sat score by over 100 points from taking a minor minor class.... it wasn't even Kaplan or anything - check your local paper!

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