Waste of time, waste of money
2004-06-17 17:58:41 ET

Well, I failed algebra, and the only reason I wanted to get an associate at this shitty college was to go to devry. But I'm not going to Devry, because the lady was full of shit, and I've heard too many bad things about it to even try to go there. I don't graduate this quarter, and I seriously think I'm going to simply drop out of OTC. The credits from this college will transfer.. erm.. heh.. NOWHERE! So Basically, I really have just been wasting my time sitting on my ass these couple of years. I've learned a few handy things, but nothing spectacular. I've gotten a lot of experience in the world though, so yay. But I'm going to apply to a two year college tomorrow, then I'm going to try to transfer to a state university. (which is what I was going to do originally but the people at OTC lied and said credits will transfer from there to GSU) So fuck them, It's time to get my life going. I might be going to virginia to visit relatives and a few old friends if I ever see them. I guess life really is beginning anew these days. What an odd feeling.

2004-06-18 05:11:03 ET

I think maybe get the easiest degrree you can manage at this college so you have an edge when you go somewhere else. They can't really say the credits aren't worth anything if you've got a degree right?

2004-06-18 07:37:22 ET

I just found out actually, that if I go to East Georgia College, my algebra will transfer back to OTC, and I will graduate in the fall. :) So I'll be killing two birds with one stone, and that'll be rockin.

2004-06-18 07:40:17 ET


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