Eh wow. I feel dumb.
2004-06-20 14:49:03 ET

ok, I never really realized how stupid one looks when they talk about getting married after being with someone only a short while. I just talked to Allysia, and her and the boyfriend she got the day after we broke up got engaged this weekend. I laughed. I laughed a lot. I never thought I'd see myself in this position, but here I am: I don't have a relationship, I don't want a relationship, and I don't want to get married. Hell, I don't care if I get laid. Who cares? I don't. So you shouldn't either! Anyways, have a good laugh at this. Children getting engaged after knowing someone for two months is humorous.

2004-06-20 15:28:45 ET

As an ex-fiancee two times over, I'd have to agree.

So I guess we're not getting married and having little Xani Fiend babies anytime soon?


2004-06-20 15:52:11 ET

that reminded me of an ep. of sex and the city for some reason, where carrie tries to be friends with an ex she was with for 2 years, and finds he's engaged after 5 months to the new girl.

2004-06-20 17:29:10 ET

Aww, Feffie, we can still have our Fiendish-Xani babies! :)

2004-06-21 06:16:02 ET

6/10 marriages in america end in divorce

I wonder why...

2004-06-21 07:41:35 ET

Because of shit like this. What a waste!

2004-06-21 11:31:26 ET

Sorry you had to learn the hard way. :(

2004-06-21 11:40:27 ET

Eh, nothing wrong with learning the hard way. As that's the human way. And it's better to learn the hard way than not at all.

2004-06-21 11:51:58 ET

There are harder ways to could've married her and then realized it.

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